Considering abortion... medical information.


In order to know what information fits your situation, it is best to:
    ● Confirm the pregnancy with a free pregnancy test.
    ● Verify viability (alive) and gestational age (how many weeks) with a limited ultrasound.
    ● Emotional concerns and post-abortion support.

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Abortion Procedures

1. Medical Abortion RU-486 (pill): (up to 10 weeks) (up to 10 weeks) The Mifepristone/Misoprostol combination is dispensed in two phases:

Mifepristone is given first to cause the death of the baby. If you change your mind you may be able to continue with your pregnancy and reverse the effects of Mifepristone within 2 days of taking it. Contact or call 877-558-0333

Misoprostol is given 24-48 hours later to start the cramping/contractions which should expel the baby and empty the uterus. Follow-up care is necessary to ensure that the uterus is empty. An incomplete abortion presents serious risks of infection and bleeding.

You should not purchase Mifepristone over the internet. Important safeguards will be bypassed that are designed to protect your health. More information can be obtained at your ultrasound appointment. Non-FDA approved drugs carry risks above and beyond expected side effects

2-Surgical Abortion:

1st Trimester Surgical: (up to 13 weeks) Procedure varies slightly depending on how far into the 1st trimester. In general, the cervix may be softened and/or stretched open to allow surgical removal and/or suction of the uterine contents.

2nd Trimester Surgical: (13-24 weeks) Procedure similar to 1st trimester surgical, but cervix must be opened wider to accommodate larger baby. This process can take a day or two before the actual abortion procedure is done. Surgical instruments are usually required to disrupt the body to allow surgical evacuation of the body parts through the cervix.

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