Considering Abortion...Patient Rights


Patient rights under the law regarding abortion.

North Carolina law requires you to receive certain information 72 hours prior to an abortion procedure.
We provide you with that information FREE of charge.

As with any medical or surgical procedure, you have certain rights which should NEVER be signed away.

You have the right to:

Insist that your abortion is performed ONLY by a licensed physician.
Know if the physician’s license has ever been suspended or revoked.
Be informed if the physician has a history of medical malpractice.
Know if the physician has insurance in case you suffer injury or death during the procedure.
Insist that if you suffer injury during the abortion procedure, you will be immediately transferred BY AMBULANCE (not in a clinic worker’s personal vehicle) to the nearest emergency hospital or trauma center.
Change your mind at any point. Here at Birthchoice, we will help you understand your rights and prepare you with the questions you need answered.

For example, concerning any abortion provider you should:

● NEVER allow an abortion to be performed without having the Physician’s Information section of the Patient Rights Form we will give you.
● NEVER sign a statement indicating that you will not hold the clinic, doctor, or staff liable if you suffer injury or death during the abortion.
● DEMONSTRATE to the provider that you know your rights and insist they comply.

Call us today at 919-781-5433 for an appointment. If you have questions outside of business hours, leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

We will provide the information you need to make decisions.

No choice is truly a choice without complete and truthful information.

If you have questions outside of business hours, leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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